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Presbyterian Foundation

The Presbyterian Foundation of Lumberton was established in 1976 as a non-profit organization by gifts from members of The First Presbyterian Church of Lumberton.  It was also established from the proceeds a neighborhood mission chapel.  The foundation qualifies as a non-profit corporation under the guidelines of the Internal Revenue Service 501(c)(3).

The purpose of the Foundation is to serve as a charitable organization that encourages gifts and bequests to Christian causes both at home and abroad.

A Board of Directors that is completely independent of The First Presbyterian Church of Lumberton governs the Foundation.  The seven-member Board of Directors administers the funds and make regular distribution of funds generated from the investments of the Foundation.  The directors are active members of The First Presbyterian Church of Lumberton and serve staggered five-year terms.  Two Elders, two Deacons, two members of the Congregation, and a member of the Presbyterian Women represent the directors. 

Some of the local agencies which have received funding include:  Robeson County Church and Community Center, Lumberton Christian Care Center, Boys and Girls Club of Lumberton, Southeastern Violence Center, Robeson Family Counseling Center, and Operation Fun, a ministry of First Presbyterian Church of Lumberton.

Some foreign causes that have received support include:  Faith Ministries (McCallum, Texas), Medical Benevolence Foundation, foreign missionaries, and local mission trips.

You may contribute through periodic or occasional gifts to the Foundation.  All gifts are perpetual in nature with investment income disbursed annually.  In consultation with the Foundation’s Board of Directors, individual and organizations may also consider the establishment of a restricted fund to support specific Christian causes.  The Foundation is managing over 500,000 dollars in assets and distributes in excess of 15,000 dollars annually.

For more information, you may contact the church office. Brochures are available explaining in more detail the purpose of the Presbyterian Foundation.   A representative of the Foundation Board will be happy to contact you.