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Endowment Trust Fund

The Endowment Trust of the First Presbyterian Church of Lumberton (5/10/08)

On February 25, 2007, and after approval by the Session, the membership of First Presbyterian Church approved the creation of The Endowment Trust of the First Presbyterian Church of Lumberton. 

Gifts shall be made to and received by the Endowment Trust to do the work committed to His Church by Jesus Christ, our Savior and Lord, and to exemplify the Spirit of Christ at work in the world. The Trust shall be managed and expenditures shall be made from its funds to accomplish those ends. Only interest and income will be spent out of the Trust, so that your gift will keep on giving to the work of our Church and the Lord forever!  

Currently, the Trust has about $900,000 under management with five funds as listed below:

The General Endowment – Earnings to be used for the benefit of our Church as decided by the Session. Part of the Jennings Bequest was used to establish this fund.

The Physical Facilities Fund – Earnings to be used for maintenance and capital improvement to our Church facilities.

The Clark Fund – Earnings to be used to support the Clark Special Lecture Series to be held annually.

The New Building Fund – Principal and interest to be used for building a new facility for our Church.

Hoyland Jennings Fund – Earnings to be used for youth programs, including scholarships. 

Endowment Fund Board of Trustees
The trust is managed by seven trustees appointed by the Session to serve five-year staggered terms. The current trustees are the following: B. G. French.-chairman, 
David Branch, Johnson Britt, Beth Carmical, Jason Foil, Jerry Johnson, and Nancy Jessup.

For further information and a copy of the Trust instrument, you may contact Betty Hyatt at the church office, or any trustee.

For a quick video clip from the Presbyterian Foundation on deferred giving, please click

Endowment Trust Fund Workroom (for board members)


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