2015 and 2016 Sermon Podcasts

2016 Archived Sermon Podcasts

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2016-12-25Nice of You to Drop ByDavid RuthAudio Luke 2:1-20 
2016-12-18The Scandal of it AllEva RuthAudio Matthew 1:18-25
2016-12-11Joy Shows Up in the Darnedest PlacesDavid RuthAudio Philippians 4:1-7
2016-12-4The Gospel According to Cat StevensDavid RuthAudio Romans 15:4-13
2016-11-27I HOPE Duke Wins the National ChampionshipDavid RuthAudio Psalm 25:1-10
2016-11-20It's Time to Name a New Press SecretaryDavid RuthAudio Colossians 1:9-20
2016-11-13Praise the Lord!Ben WestAudio Psalm 146
2016-11-6Trees Down on 10th and ChestnutDavid RuthAudio Colossians 2:1-7
2016-10-30Are You a Living Stone or Hard as a Rock?Eva RuthAudio I Peter 2:4-10
2016-10-23 Trade for a New Car-No Money DownDavid RuthAudio Jeremiah 31:27-30
2016-10-16Is There a Balm in  Gilead?David RuthAudio Jeremiah 8:18-22

2016-10-2It's the Only Question on the Final ExamDavid RuthAudio Matthew 25:31-46
2016-9-25Don't Be a Flattened Squirrel David RuthAudio
Matthew 25:4-30; upon retirement of Ray Harris

Everything I Needed to Know, I DIDN"T Learn in KindergartenDavid RuthAudio Ephesians 4:11-16
2016-8-21Fire: Warmed or Consumed by ItScott CameronAudio  Psalm 71:1-6; Hebrews 12:18-29
2016-8-14Gotta Take the Good With the BadDavid RuthAudio Matthew 13:24-30
2016-8-7Still Crazy After All These YearsDavid RuthAudio Matthew 13:1-9
2016-7-31Quiet in the Kitchen--I'm Trying to Tell a Parable David RuthAudio Matthew 13:10-17
2016-7-24I Like Living in the Past . . . I Know What's Going to HappenDavid RuthAudio Psalm 85
2016-7-17Were Mary and Martha from the Same Womb? David RuthAudio Luke 10:38-42
2016-7-10Have You Stopped at the Peach  Stand Lately? David RuthAudio Colossians 1:1-14
2016-7-3Let Me Make This Perfectly ClearDavid RuthAudio Galatians 6:7-18
2016-6-26It Takes All KindsDavid RuthAudio II Kings 2:1-4
2016-6-12Do You See That Woman?Eva RuthAudio Luke 7:36-50
2016-5-29The Prostitute's BirthdayDavid RuthAudio Luke 7:1-10
2016-5-22Pain is Inevitable; Misery is OptionalDavid RuthAudio Romans 5:1-5
2016-5-15It's 9 o'clock Somewhere!David RuthAudio Acts 2:1-21
2016-5-8WitnessesMarian CarmicalAudio Acts 1:1-11
2016-5-1Got God? Staying Close to God in a Busy WorldYouthAudio Ecclesiastes 1:8; Colossians 4:2-6
2016-4-24What's Love Got to Do With It?Eva RuthAudio John 13:31-35
2016-4-17It's Too Late to Turn Back NowDavid RuthAudio Acts 9:19-31
2016-4-10Taking the Damascus BypassDavid RuthAudio Acts 9:1-9
2016-4-3That's Supposed to Be Your Job, JesusDavid RuthAudio John 20:19-31
2016-3-27The Longest Pause, EverDavid RuthAudio John 20:1-18
2016-3-20Easter Cantata--see Jim Kirkland for CDChancel Choir   
2016-3-13Smells Worse Than a Paper MillDavid RuthAudio John 12:1-8
2016-3-6The Three R'sBen WestAudio Joshua 5:9-12; 2 Corinthians  5:16-21
2016-2-28No Soup for YouDavid RuthAudio Isaiah 55:1-13
2016-2-21Can You Spell Qoheleth?David RuthAudio Ecclesiastes 1:2-14, 2:19-23
2016-2-14Don't Trade in That Used Car Yet--Remember MicahDavid RuthAudio Micah 6:1-8
2016-2-7No More Ambien for You ThreeDavid RuthAudio Luke 9:28-36
2016-1-31Fulfilled in Your HearingRichard DuboseAudio Luke 4:14-21
2016-1-24Pearls Wisdom: The Kingdom of God is NearEva RuthAudio Matthew 13
2016-1-17Another Wedding CatastropheDavid RuthAudio John 2:1-12:
2016-1-10Heaven on EarthDavid RuthAudio  Isaiah 43:1-7, Luke 3:21-11
2016-1-3Oh No, You've Read the New Year's Eve Newspaper!David RuthAudio Jeremiah 31:7-14
2015-12-27Love MercyJack CrainAudio Micah 6:1-8
2015-12-24Christmas Eve ServiceMultiple worship leadersAudio Due to technical issues, the recording begins with the Doxology and the second reading of scripture.
2015-12-20The Christmas Story; Words Beginning with "B"
David RuthAudio See Jim Kirkland for a cd for the Chancel Choir Christmas Cantata
2015-12-13What We Do for JesusDavid RuthAudio Matthew 1:18-25
2015-12-6Gomer Pyle's ChristmasDavid RuthAudio Luke 1:8-13, 26-28 
2015-11-25Back to the FutureDavid RuthAudio Isaiah 9:2-7 read by Brandi Currie 
2015-11-22The Grand Canyon in Your Rearview MirrorDavid RuthAudio John 18:33-38a
2015-11-15Join the Church in ZambiaDavid RuthAudio I Corinthians 13:1-13
2015-11-8Jesus Christ:  Abundance DefinedDayton WilsonAudio Colossians 2:6-7; 
2015-11-1Not Your Parents' Offering PlateDavid RuthAudio Colossians 2:1-7; Psalm 146
2015-10-25You Can't Outgive GodEva RuthAudio Matthew 10:1-11; I Peter Chap. 4
2015-10-18So Beautiful It Will Take Your Breath AwayDavid RuthAudio Ephesians 4:1-6
2015-10-11Knowing Where the Rocks AreJay CokerAudio Matthew 7:24-27
2015-10-4Apathy-We Shall OvercomeDavid RuthAudio John 13:1-11
2015-9-27Your Sunday Nap Can WaitDavid RuthAudio John 3:16-21
2015-9-20Anybody Wanna Go to Woodstock?David RuthAudio James 3:13-18
2015-9-13Is Redeemed Your First or Last Name?David RuthAudio  Colossians 1:9-14
2015-9-6 When Was the Last Time You Were Called Slothful?David RuthAudio
Matthew 7:24-29
2015-8-30Wise as an Owl-Sly as a FoxDavid RuthAudio Matthew 7:24-29
2015-8-23You're Storying Me!David RuthAudio Ephesians 4:25-5:2
2015-8-16Does This Offend You?Cassandra ThomasAudio I John 6:51-58 read by Jack Crain
2015-8-9It's Like I'm at the DMV OfficeDavid RuthAudio Psalm 130
2015-8-2The Power of a Name Eva RuthAudio Isaiah 43:1-7
2015-7-26Stop the World, I Want to Get OffDavid RuthAudio Isaiah 40:25-31
2015-7-19Will You Always Be Childish?David RuthAudio Mark 18:1-5
2015-7-12I Wasn't Even Chosen on the PlaygroundDavid RuthAudio Thessalonians II 2:13-17
2015-7-5Life's InterruptionsSteuart LinkAudio Mark 5:21-43
2015-6-28Just the FactsCatherine TaylorAudio Psalm 23, John 10:22-10
2015-6-21 No recording available    
2015-6-14The Library is Alive at FPCDayton WilsonAudio John 21:15-19; 24-25
2015-6-7 podcast not available    
2015-5-31So You're a Human--Big DealDavid RuthAudio I Peter 2:2-10
2015-5-24Dry Bones--Is it an Epidemic?David RuthAudio Ezekiel 37:1-14
2015-5-17We Have Lost Another StateDavid RuthAudio Acts 1:1-6, 8 
2015-5-10Because I Said SoEva Ruth Audio I John 5:1-6
2015-5-3Youth Sunday--Hayden Martin, Sharon Page, Drew Bollinger, Emma MansfieldMultiple presentersAudio  Jeremiah 32:40-42; Colossians 2:2-10
2015-4-26This Loving Stuff is Getting OldDavid RuthAudio I John 3:16-24
2015-4-19 Fertilizer for Ineffective and Unfruitful Faith
(Installation Service of David Ruth)
Andrew Ruth Audio Psalm 100, John 14:23-27;
2 Peter 1:3-15
2015-4-19Why is Jesus Showing Up NowDavid RuthAudio Luke 23:36-48
2015-4-12Why I Love this PsalmDavid RuthAudio
Matthew 25:34-40; Psalm 133
2015-4-5At Easter, We are All AmateursDavid RuthAudio John 20:1-8
2015-3-29Palm Sunday Service (contains copyright material) THE PASSION AND THE PROMISERead by David and Eva Ruth  Chancel Choir, Selah Choir, and Junior Choirs
2015-3-22We Didn't Want a DiscourseDavid RuthAudio John 12:20-33
2015-3-15Life on the Other Side of "But"David RuthAudio Epheisians 2:1-10
2015-3-8Don't Make Me Give You a WhippingDavid RuthAudio Psalm 19:1-10 read by Adyson Currie
2015-3-1With God, It's Laugh a MinuteDavid RuthAudio Genesis 17:1-8 and 15-17
2015-2-22"Never Say Never" Does Not Apply to God David RuthAudio Genesis 9:8-17 
2015-2-15 How About You Preaching Today?David RuthAudio Mark 9:2-9
2015-2-8I've Never Ridden an EagleDavid RuthAudio Isaiah 40-21-31 read by Eva Ruth
2015-2-1Not ForsakenNancy DimmockAudio Isaiah 62:1-5 read by David Ruth
2015-1-25You Should Have Listened the First Time--GodDavid RuthAudio Jonah 3:1-5, 10
2015-1-18Can't a Boy Get Some Sleep Around Here?David RuthAudio  I Samuel 3:1-10
2015-1-11How Many Christians Will a Baptismal Font Hold?David RuthAudio Mark 1:4-11
2015-1-04To Lumberton and BackDavid RuthAudio                     John 1:10-18; read by Nancy Herthel

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