2014 podcasts

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2014-12-28I'm Dying to See YouDavid RuthAudio Luke 2:22-40
2014-12-21Have You Heard the One?David RuthAudio Luke 2:8-14
2014-12-14Mary--The Nazarene IdolDavid RuthAudio Luke 1:45-56 read by Drew Osman
2014-12-7Acne Isn't Going to Stop MeDavid RuthAudio Luke 1:26-38
2014-11-30Royalty: Buckingham Palace or 1006 N. Elm StreetDavid RuthAudio 1 Peter 2:1-10
2014-11-23Give God the ThanksSteuart LinkAudio Luke 17:11-19
2014-11-16One of God's Great Stewards: DavidDon NanceAudio Psalm 103, read by C.Allbright; Matt. 25:14-30
2014-11-9Treasure Management 101John BryanAudio Matthew 25:1-13
2014-11-2 Student Servants in Training Fred RoseAudio Matthew 23:1-12
2014-10-26No Higher CallingFred RoseAudio Matthew 22:34-46
2014-10-19Learning What to do With God's ThingsFred RoseAudio Matthew 22:15-22
2014-10-12Thin PlacesSam WarnerAudio John 1:1-5, 14
2014-10-5Don't Stop Thinking About TomorrowFred RoseAudio
Philippians 5:4b-14
2014-9-28Full Court PressJohn BryanAudio Philippians/Matthews selections
2014-9-21O, That I Had the Wings of a DoveFred RoseAudio Psalm 55
2014-9-14When You Come to the Red Sea Place in Your LifeFred RoseAudio Exodus 14:19-31
2014-9-7What We Are Giving These Children?Fred Rose         Audio Romans 13:8-14
2014-8-31Who is Jesus?Jack CrainAudio Luke 24:13-35
2014-8-17God's Not Messing Around!John BryanAudio Romans 11: 1-2; 29-32 and Matthew 15:10-28
2014-8-10Telling Our Story is Powerful! Fred RoseAudio
Romans 10:5-15
2014-8-3We're On a Mission From GodFred RoseAudio
Matthew 14:13-21
2014-7-27Old to NewLaura Lupton ----- Acts 10:30 & select verses
2014-7-20We Are Formed and Reformed by FaithFred RoseAudio
Matthew 13:24-30
2014-7-13We Encounter God for RealFred RoseAudio
Matthew 13:1-9, 18-23
2014-7-6The Kingdom of God Needs YouFred RoseAudio
Matthew 11:16-19, 25-30
2014-6-29We Share God's GraceFred RoseAudio
Matthew 10:40-42
2014-6-22We Discover God's GraceFred RoseAudioTextRomans 6:1b-11
2014-6-15Transformed--If We Are Willing
Fred RoseAudioTextMatthew 28:16-20
2014-6-8The Spirit Creates New BelieversFred RoseAudioText Acts 2:2-21
2014-6-1 Hold on to Gratitude Fred RoseAudioText  Psalm 100
2014-5-25What God Does to Transform UsFred RoseAudioTextJohn 14:15-21;
Acts 17:22-31
2014-5-18Youth SundayC. Johnson, H. Watson, L.BranchAudio
Numbers 20:2-8;
John 14:1-7
2014-5-11Get Up. Go, Now!Charlotte AllbrightAudio
Jonah 2
2014-5-6Where We Encounter the Living GodFred RoseAudioTextLuke 24:13-39 
2014-4-27Everyone Needs Help to Believe in God
Fred Rose
AudioTextJohn 20:19-31
2014-4-20Finding Our Way to EasterFred RoseAudioTextJohn 20:1-18
2014-4-13In My Place (Palm Sunday Musical), Copyright materials.  Members who missed this performance can send an email to for password to audio link.
Chancel Choir, Fred Rose, Narrator; Heather Miller soloist; Doug Rich, soloist; Allen Lloyd piano; Ray Harris, directorAudio Matthew 21:1-11
2014-4-6Learning to Have Faith in God:
Come and See
Fred RoseAudioTextJohn 1 1:30-45
2014-3-30People Matter Most of All Fred RoseAudioTextLuke 15:1-10
2014-3-23 All Things Are PossibleFred RoseAudioTextMark 8:1-10
2014-3-16Getting Beyond Being BusyFred RoseAudioTextLuke 10:38-42 (N. Herthel)
2014-03-09If We Want to Share the Good NewsFred RoseAudioTextMatthew 16:21-18
2014-03-02The Clues are in the CloudsFred RoseAudioTextMatthew 17:1-9
2014-2-23Behold, I Do a New ThingFred Rose AudioTextIsaiah 43:14-21
2014-2-16Learning to Love Like JesusFred RoseAudioTextMatthew 5:21-37
2014-02-9Remember Who You AreFred RoseAudioTextMatthew 5:13-20
2014-02-02Do You Want to be Healed?Ophelia Garmon-Brown, MD, MDivAudio
John 5:1-9
2014-01-26The Power of Touch and the Touch of PowerJames D. McLeod, MD, MBAAudioTextLuke 8:40-56

We Stand by the Door of Hope!
Call to Worship-Chancel Choir
Prayers of People, Anthem, Threefold Amen 

Fred Rose Audio  Text John 1:1-7
2014-01-12  Promises that Keep Us
(no scripture audio)
Fred Rose Audio Text Isaiah 42:1-9
2014-01-05  Let Your Life Speak Fred Rose Audio Text John 1:1-18

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