2013-12-29Let Heaven and Nature SingDayton WilsonAudio
Psalm 148
2013-12-22The Kind of Love that RemainsFred RoseAudio Matthew 1:18-25
2013-12-15Hearing and Seeing the Evidence Fred RoseAudio Matthew 11:2-11
2013-12-15Bethlehem's ChildFred Rose and Chancel ChoirAudio Narration and Music 
2013-12-8 The Parable of the Orchids Drew Collier Audio  Matthew 3:1-5 
2013-12-1Waking Up the Sleeping GiantFred RoseAudioMatthew 24:36-44
2013-11-24Christ is King!Drew CollierAudio Colossians 1:11-20
2013-11-17 Fearless at the Cliff Edge of Doom

Fred Rose

AudioTextPsalm 46
2013-11-10Complete JoyFred Rose AudioText1 John 1:1-0
2013-11-3Pulling the Wagon TogetherFred RoseAudioText Matthew 25:14-30
2013-10-27 Seeking Perspective on our Wealth Fred Rose Audio Text Luke 12:22-36 
2013-10-20 We Were Created to Worship God Fred Rose Audio Text Matthew 4:1-11 
2013-10-13 That's Gratitude for YouFred Rose Audio Text Luke 17:11-19
2013-10-6Learning How to Live Fred RoseAudio TextMatthew 28:16-20
2013-9-29Holy HabitsRay MendenhallAudio Matthew 6:1-4; 7-21 
2013-9-22 Our Own Saint Andrew Samuel Shumate Audio  

Psalm 90:1,2,16,17
John 1:35-42

2013-9-15  Lost and FoundRay Mendenhall Audio Luke 15:1-10 
2013-9-8The Presence of the MysteryRay MendendallAudio 1 John 4:7-14
2013-9-1Practical AdviceBen WestAudio Hebrews 13:1-8, 15-16
2013-8-25 Do What?Ben West Audio   Luke 13:10-17
2013-8-18It's Not Too Late! Curtis Patterson Audio  Luke 12:49-53;
 Luke 13:6-9
2013-8-11 The Narrow DoorDon Nance Audio  Luke 13:22-30
2013-8-4Mine! Drew CollierAudio  Luke 12:13-21
2013-7-28So Why Does a Grown Man Climb a Tree?Paul WhiteAudio  Luke 19:1-10
2013-7-14Kingdom StoriesElizabeth ForesterAudio  Matthew 13:31-33  and 44-52
2013-6-30  The Smallest SeedDon NanceAudio  Mark 4:26-34
2013-6-23 Six Impossible Things Before BreakfastCurtis PattersonAudio  Luke 9:28-36
2013-6-16  Peace to this House    Bill ReinholdAudio  Luke 10:1-12
2013-6-9          Stuff Happens Jack CrainAudio  Philippians 2:1-11
2013-6-2To All the Saints Who Are in Lumberton Matt RichAudioText Philippians 1:1-11
2013-5-26We Boast  Matt RichAudioText  Matthew 5:1-5
2013-5-19 Led by the Spirit of God Matt RichAudioText Romans 8:14-17
2013-5-12 Don't Just Do Something, Stand There . . . and Wait Mary Jo ClarkAudio  Acts 1:1-11
2013-5-5 We Gathered at the River to PrayMatt RichAudio Text Acts 16:9-15
2013-4-28He Showed Her to Be AliveMatt RichAudio  TextActs 9:36-43
2013-4-21Worship Through MusicStephanie Marson Audio  TextEphesians 5:15-20, English Watson
 2013-4-14They Led Him by the Hand Matt Rich Audio Text Act 9:1-18
2013-4-7Easter: To Be Continued Ben West Audio  John 20:19-31
2013-3-31 Remember Matt Rich Audio Text Luke 24:1-12
2013-3-24Who is that Man?

Palm Sunday
Text by Matt Rich; read by Charlotte Allbright Audio TextPsalm 118:19-29
Psalm 22:1-10
Psalm 22:11-18
Psalm 22:19-24
Psalm 22:25-31
2013-3-17 Living in the WildernessBill Reinhold


 Philippians 3:7-14
2013-3-10 ForgivenessMatt Rich AudioTextPsalm 32, Emma Mansfield
2013-3-3 A Thirsty SoulMatt Rich Audio Text Psalm 63: 1-8
2013-2-24 Seeking the Lord's Face Matt Rich Audio Text Psalm 27:7-14
2013-2-17 The Temptation of Jesus James BensonAudio  Luke 1:1-13

2013-02-10 Let the People Tremble! Matt Rich Audio Text Psalm 99
2013-02-03 Through a Mirror Dimly Matt Rich Audio Text I Cor 13: 1-13-Will Rich
2013-01-27 Who Me? David LaMotte Audio  Matthew 22:35-40
2013-01-20 Jesus is Lord Matt Rich Audio Text I Cor 12:1-3
2013-01-13 You Are Mine Matt Rich Audio Text Luke 3:15-22
2013-01-06 Home by Another Way                                           Matt Rich Audio Text Matthew 1:1-12