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2020-5-24Terrible--Thanks for AskingDavid RuthAudio Psalm 23
2020-5-17RestoreEva RuthAudio Psalm 23
2020-05-10Your God is Too Small-Part IIDavid RuthAudio Psalm 23
2020-05-03Your God is Too SmallDavid RuthAudio Psalm 23
2020-04-26How Do I Get to Emmaus?David RuthAudio Luke 23:13-35
2020-04-19In HidingEva RuthAudio John 20:19-29
2020-04-12 Trading Up-LoveDavid RuthAudio Galatians 5:22-26
2020-04-05Trading Up-FaithDavid RuthAudio Galatians 5:22-26
2020-03-29Trading Up-JoyEva RuthAudio Ezekiel 37:1-14
2020-03-22Trading Up-HopeDavid RuthAudio Galatians 5:22-26
2020-03-15Trading Up-GoodnessDavid RuthAudio Galatians 5:22-26
2020-03-08Trading Up-PeaceDavid RuthAudio Galatians 5:22-26
2020-02-23Have You Seen Jesus Eva RuthAudio  Matthew 14:22-23
2020-02-16 You've Got to be Kidding MeDavid RuthAudio Matthew 5:21-26 
2020-02-09Alexa-Turn on My LightDavid RuthAudio Matthew 5:13-16
2020-02-02Not the Blue DevilsDavid RuthAudio Matthew 6:7-15
2020-01-26That's A Lot for 58 Words!David RuthAudio Matthew 6:7-15
2020-01-19You Da ManDavid RuthAudio Matthew 6:7-15
2020-01-12 It's Hard to Flunk PrayerDavid RuthAudio Matthew 6:7-15
2020-01-05What A Way to GoDavid RuthAudio Numbers 6:22-27
2019-12-22Sing a Song of ChristmasDavid RuthAudio with chancel choir
2019-12-15No Traffic Circle on This HighwayDavid RuthAudio Isaiah 35:1-20
2019-12-8Advent+Baptism=Hope David RuthAudio Isaiah 11:10-17
2019-12-01Once Upon a Time David RuthAudio Colossians 1:9-23
2019-11-24Who Is Your King?Eva RuthAudio Isaiah 9:1-7
2019-11-17You Shouldn't Need a Mountain DewDavid RuthAudio II Thessalonians 3:6-13 
2019-11-10A Tradition Unlike Any OtherDavid RuthAudio II Thessalonians 2
2019-11-3A New Realtor in TownDavid RuthAudio John 8:31-36
2019-10-27 For God So Loved--Thank GodDavid Ruth    Audio Psalm 36 
2019-10-20For God So Loved the World-"Greatfully"
David RuthAudio II Corinthians 9:6-15
2019-10-13For God So Loved--CelebrateDavid RuthAudio Hebrews 10:19-25
2019-10-6 For God So Loved the WorldEva RuthAudio John 3:16-21
2019-9-29Fear-The Devil's Delight David Ruth   Audio   Psalm 91
2019-9-22At FPC-Anything is Possible
David RuthAudio John 4:27-42
2019-9-15FPC-Where Nobody's PerfectDavid RuthAudio John 8:1-11
2019-9-8 At FPC, Everybody is WelcomeDavid RuthAudio Galatians 3:23-29
2019-9-1What Have I Done Now?David RuthAudio Jeremiah 2:4-13
2019-7-7For Such a Time as This:  Choose JoyDavid RuthAudio  Esther 4:18; 8:15-17
2019-6-23We Didn't Start the FireJarrod LowryAudio I Kings 18:20-24; 30-29 
2019-6-9You are God's Greatest MiracleDavid Ruth   Audio  Matthew 5:13-15
2019-5-26 There is a Balm in GileadDavid RuthAudio Jeremiah 8
2019-5-19 This is Not NCISDavid RuthAudio John 10:22-30
2019-5-12Quaker for a DayDavid RuthAudio Psalm 23
2019-5-5Past, Present and FutureDavid RuthAudio John 21:1-19
2019-4-28Praise with Banjo and Bagpipe        David RuthAudio Psalm 150
2019-4-21What a Way to Start the DayDavid RuthAudio John 20:1-18
2019-4-14Glad to See You TooDavid RuthAudio Luke 19:28-40
2019-4-7Chump Change David RuthAudio   
2019-3-31Don't Let the Door Hit YouDavid RuthAudio Luke 15:11-32
2019-3-24Giving Up Figs for LentDavid Ruth   Audio Luke 13:6-9
2019-3-17The Fox Guarding the Hen HouseDavid RuthAudio Luke 13:31-35
2019-3-10LostnessEva Ruth  Audio  Luke 15:11-32
2019-3-3 Transfiguration SundayDavid RuthAudio Exodus 34:29-35
2019-2-24You Gotta Be CrazyDavid RuthAudio Luke 6:27-36
2019-2-17How Badly Do You Want to Go to Heaven?David RuthAudio Luke 6:17-26
2019-2-10Make Your Mother ProudDavid RuthAudio Philemon 17-22
2019-2-3Don't Go Breaking My HeartDavid RuthAudio Philemon 8-16
2019-1-27All We Need is Kool and the GangDavid RuthAudio   Ephesians 1:15-23
2019-1-20What Are Friends For?David RuthAudio Philemon 1-7
2019-1-13Further than Manteo to MurphyDavid RuthAudio  
2019-1-6It's Not a Suggestion!David Ruth Audio  

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