Vacation Bible School

VBS 2017 A ROARING Success!!!

                  This year’s Vacation Bible School, Maker Fun Factory, was a wonderful success! But what exactly does it mean to have a successful VBS? Were the decorations spectacular? Well, there were some pretty cute giant legos! Were we organized and prepared for our children to have fun and learn more about Jesus? Absolutely. Each station was equipped with volunteers ready to teach and share knowledge in a fun and exciting way about how God has created each of us for a purpose, and that His love is never-ending. Were our snacks delicious and thematic? Yes – where else could you find a s’more in a cup? But more than anything, our VBS was relational, mutigenerational, a place where the adults got to know children and children got to know adults, where grandparents brought grandchildren and youth served as role models. It was a week of new friendships made within the church and beyond. Isn’t that the definition of successful? We had a blast! No doubt about that. We learned new songs with fun moves. We made some pretty neat crafts: thumbprint necklaces, Lego frames, Doodlebots, washer crosses – even new banners for the 8:33 worship service. We played awesome games and heard the Bible come to life. We memorized new bible verses. We watched videos that helped us understand our uniqueness. But more than anything, we demonstrated that VBS is more than herding children from one area to another for entertainment, it’s about building relationships with Jesus and each other. Thank you to everyone who helped. You helped change a life this week.


THANK YOU to all the excellent volunteers for VBS who said, "Here I am, send me!"  It doesn't take an expert to work with children;  it just takes a little time, some patience, some energy, and love!

Jill Britt, Renie Mills, Dalton Currie, Susan Noble, Mary Beck, Lori Blackley, Bebe Bollinger, Ann McDaniel, Betsy Lee, Vicki Fanaker, Kelli Cox, Cookie Rich, Anne Crain, Mildred Barrett, Amy Cook, Sarah Griffin-Greene, Amanda Link, Brianna Terranova, Lauren Hooks, Drew Osman, Harrison Raines, Connor Ransom, Charlie Miller, Courtney Mills, Misty Stone, Martha Andrews, Cathey Maples, Claudia Eller, Michelle Raines, Amanda Hooks, David Watkins, Brittany Terranova, Ashlynn Utley, Brooke Utley, Don Metzger, Dave Scurlock, Mark Ransom, and Christina Barnes.


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