Vacation Bible School

What We Learned in Bible School Last Year

Mission Bible School was full of interesting information. Did you know that:

· Over 75 participants came to Mission Bible school this year, from ages 4 to 90+; some participants do not attend church anywhere at the present time.

· Water is necessary to live but not every child has access to clean drinking water. (Ask us about Hagar and Ishmael.)

· Wate

r is very scarce in some parts of the world; and water can be dangerous when there is too much. (Ask us about Noah.)

· Water can seen as a sign of grace. (Ask us about the Baptism of Jesus.)

· Jesus gives us living water. (Ask us to sing you Thrive.)

· You can play in water and not waste it by watering the grass when you are finished.

· We learned our church builds wells all around the world so children and their families can have clean drinking water without germs through Living Waters of the World.

· If a country does not have electricity, our church helps install solar panels through Solar Under the Sun.

· It takes a village to put on Bible School. Many thanks to our tireless volunteers! Shelley Foil, Brandi Currie, Sonya Rozier, Wade Rozier, JoAnne Branch, Dolli Adams, Jimmie Adams, Amanda Hooks, Lauren Hooks, Meredith Locklear, Connor Ransom, Sarah Griffin-Greene, Kevin Currie, Drew Osman, Will Osman, Harrison Raines, Karen Granger, David Watkins, Rebecca Watkins, Ashlynn Utley, BeBe Bollinger, Melody Britt, Lori Blackley, Christina Barnes, Claudia Eller, Betsie Miller, Jen Whitley, Josh Whitley. Connor Metzger, Amanda Link,  John Hodges, Michelle Raines, Alicia Mansfield, Taylor Raines, Janna Osman, Jack Branch, Marissa Capps, Michelle Johnson, Charlotte Kinlaw, Blake Osborne, and Townsend Link.

Mission Bible School was so much fun you should volunteer to participate next year!