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David Ruth, Pastor
Kathy Carmical, Clerk of Session
Henry McDuffie, Treasurer


Class of 2019 
JoAnne Branch
Stan Carmical
Cathey Maples
Joe Terranova

Class of 2020
Betty Lamb
James Martin
Susan Noble
Wade Rozier

Class of 2021
Sissy Grantham
Carlton Mansfield
Doug Mills
Jane Smith

Please contact the church office for officer contact information. 


Class of 2019
Joan Bowen
Karen Granger
John Haskins
Dan Kenney
Mitch McGill
Tim Page
Jennifer Roach

Class of 2020
Lori Blackley
Wandre Elkins
Carole Goforth
Sarah Griffin-Greene
Paula Roach
David Watkins
Dan Weathington

Class of 2021
Amy Cook
Susan Hooks
Maureen Metzger
Les Noble
Michelle Raines
Beth Terranova
Josh Whitley

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