Music Library

We are pleased to provide to you a searchable index of music used by youth and adult choirs.  We will be happy to consider a request if you have a favorite.  Please understand that while we wish to accommodate everyone, we are sometimes limited by season, sermon topic, available talent and number of requests received.  To use this index, search by key words.

We are excited about making this list available to our members.  Please share your requests with Choir Director, Ray Harris .

Music Catalog Spreadsheet-- (numerical)

Music Catalog Spreadsheet - (alpha)

MUSIC BOX-Miscellaneous Items for FPC Music Staff

Trying to remember an old hymn but you can't quite recall the melody or the words?  Look it up here:  Not only will you find a midi file that you can play on your computer, you will find lyrics, histories, and a little something about the composers and lyricists.

Adult Choir and Handbell Choir Members, please complete and submit this form to update your contact information.

Have practice cds floating around from seasonal choir programs and don't know what to do with them? 

Before resorting to this, please return them to the choir room's filing bin and they will be stored away for future use.  

You Shall Have a Song.mp3
Christina Barnes,
Oct 12, 2014, 2:57 PM