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Stewardship 2017

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There are many names used to describe God in the Bible. Among them-

The Good Shepherd

Our Refuge and Strength

God is Mercy and Grace

God is Compassion

God is Merciful and Just

God is Power and Might

God is Great

 All of these names describe our awesome and wonderful God. Yet, the word that best describes The God of Heaven and Earth is “Love.” Simply put, “God is love.” John Wesley, one of the founders of the Methodist church wrote 1 John 4:19, “Is the crux of the Gospel.”

We Love Because God First Loved Us

 God has loved us before creation, before we were formed in the womb. In spite of, not because of, God loves us without limits. Therefore,

We Give Because He Gave All for Us

The words of the majestic hymn spells it our perfectly:

“Love so amazing, so divine

Demands my life, my soul, my all.”

Please join the Stewardship Committee in celebrating “419 WAYS WE LOVE AND GIVE”.

During this season of stewardship as we ponder I John 4:19 our goal is to gather 419 photos in celebration of loving and giving. All church members are requested to share photos via Instagram related to our stewardship scripture “We love because God first loved us”. Think outside of the box as you share pictures that provide evidence of the following:

God’s love for us
God’s gifts to us
Our love for others
Sharing of God’s love with one another
Sharing of God’s gifts with one another

Be creative! Share whatever speaks to you…..sunset, beach, community service, children, flowers, church activities, friends, offerings, scripture, song, ……the list goes on. We want pictures from everyone that share our diversity, our energy, our efforts, our love, and God’s goodness.


Share pictures via your Instagram account.You MUST use these hashtags: #because419; #fpc419; #fpclumberton on every post so that your pictures will be seen and collected in one place.Christina has prepared specific instructions and a tutorial video on how to set up an instagram account located on the church website. Click here to view. If you have questions Christina is available to provide assistance. In the event you cannot post pictures, you may email them to Christina, and she will post them for you to the church Instagram page.  Every day, search these hashtags via your Instagram account and see all the pictures! Pictures will also be uploaded to the church FB account periodically and posted in the fellowship hall for members that do not have access to social media.

Thanks so much for your participation.

Instructions are below -

Instagram 101  -  by Christina

I have created a very short, very quick YouTube video that shows how to set up your Instagram account. In the video, a box will pop up a few times - just ignore it, that controlled my pointer. 

YouTube Video

Open the Instagram app on your device. I am using an iPhone with the latest software in the video. Instagram is available on most platforms including Android, iPad, iPhone, and Windows phones and tablets. On the Instagram website, Instagram.com, you will not be able to upload photos but you may view them. 

If you have a Facebook account that you would like to be connected to your Instagram account so that you can easily share things on both platforms, you may sign up using Facebook. This allows you to have one password for everything. If you do not have a Facebook or do not wish to connect it to your Instagram, click sign up. This is what I am doing in the video. 

The sign up process is pretty straightforward. Once you're signed up, it will ask again if you'd like to connect to Facebook. this is completely optional. It will also ask if you would like to follow anyone, again, completely optional. Click "skip" on all these things for now, you can do them later. 

Congratulations, you have an Instagram account! let's post a photo. Click the plus sign at the bottom of your screen to add a photo. You can take on with your camera or use one from your gallery. In the video, I take a photo of my coffee. Once the photo is taken, you can choose to add filters. This is another optional step. 

Click next to go to your caption screen. This is where you will add details and hashtags. I didn't have much to say about my lipstick stained coffee cup, so I just used the hashtag "#coffee". Post your image and it's officially out in the world wide web for everyone to see! Unless your account is private, of course, which can be changed on your profile. In the video I clicked on #coffee to show you posts from all over the world with that hashtag. 

On following - 

Following someone means you will see their posts on your Instagram feed. It's similar to adding someone as a facebook friend, but following someone can be one-sided. For example, I follow Dolly Parton on Instagram so I can see her posts, but she does not follow me back, so she does not see my posts. Once you have your Instagram up and ready to go, follow us by clicking on the magnifying glass at the bottom, and search FPCLUMBERTON. Click on us, and click follow. 

On hashtags - 

Hashtags are a word or a series of words without spaces preceded by the # symbol. You can turn anything into a hashtag, and it’ll turn the tag into a link that other users can tap to find other content tagged with the same hashtag. Users use it to find other people to follow or other images to like. You don't have to use hashtags, but if you use the ones we have asked for, it makes it easier to find all of our church's photos. 

If you have any questions, please call me (Christina) in the church office at 910 739-7581 extension 0. 

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